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10X Cannabis is united by our passion for this plant and its profound potential. We feel the future is in the application of business principles in all core areas of operating a company, to float the entire industry to a higher level.


With decades of success in business and consumer product businesses, we attack the main areas of:




We are business professionals who focus on building cannabis empires

CEO & Executive Mentoring
Growth Strategy       
Sales/Marketing Support

Market & Product Strategy
Business Models 
Merger and acquisition


Lynn Sheehan

Founder & CEO

Helping companies achieve success through strategic thinking, processes, and execution is my passion. After spending 30 years building successful businesses, the adventure of solving complex problems, fixing gaps, being a change maker, and seeing the success when it all comes together drives me onward. From fundamental breakthrough research to products on the shelf, for companies from startup to Fortune 500, I have created product strategies totaling hundreds of millions in new revenue. Having seen the cannabis industry from early days to regional legalization, I appreciate the founders, the people, who have created the industry. I want to help you all bring the industry forward!

Our Team

Our team! Yes, this business is based on our connections with key players in the fields you will need support in. HR management, Finance, Accounting, Legal, Operations, Supply Chain, Banking/Financing, Product Development, Marketing and Sales, and Security/Safety. This entire group are also passionate about this industry and taking it to the next level. 

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